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What are cataracts?

A cataract is when the clear lens inside the eye becomes cloudy. This normally occurs due to age, however, poor diet, smoking and exposure to the sun or UV light can also cause cataracts.

Some health conditions, such as diabetes, and taking certain medication, namely steroids, can cause cataracts. They can also occur from an eye injury or after surgery and uncommonly in children.


Most people who have early cataract notice their glasses prescription changing more regularly. This normally happens gradually but can also occur quickly if due to an eye injury. 

As vision changes it can become misty or less clear. 

In particular people can notice blurred vision in the sun, at night and can notice glare. 

Car headlights can also appear dazzling and certain objects less colourful.


At first your optometrist may prescribe glasses to help with everyday tasks such as driving, watching, television and reading.

When glasses no longer help, your optometrist can refer you to an ophthalmologist for surgery, where the cloudy lens is removed and replaced with a clear implant lens. This is usually recommended when glasses no longer correct your blurred vision.

Once replaced, the prescription of your glasses will change and you will need to see your optometrist after a few weeks for a review.