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Childrens Eyecare

Good vision is essential in children as a great deal of learning and development is through the eyes. During the first twelve years of life, up to 80% of our learning is through vision. Without regular checks, children with sight problems can have difficulty at school, lose confidence and can often fall behind. 

Regular eye checks are key to good sight and essential in every child’s development. Under the NHS, eye examinations and glasses are free for all children. We recommend children undergo an eye exam at least once a year from the age of two. 

A child doesn’t have to be able to read letters for an eye test to be accurate. We have many different ways of testing their eyes. We can assess how well their eyes work various instruments and lights, and watch how they respond. 

A child’s eye exam is designed to be fun, with our optometrist using different methods to make it fun and stress-free. It’s never too soon to start your child’s eye care.

It is especially important to have your child’s eyes examined if there is a family history of glasses, squints or lazy eyes. If your child sits too close to the TV or other screens, squints their eyes or complains of headaches or blurry vision or has problems reading, there may be a problem that an eye exam could detect. 

Other common signs to look out for are:

  • Excessive blinking
  • Squinting or peering of the eyes
  • Tired eyes or sore eyes
  • Watery eyes and/or light sensitivity
  • Closing one eye to see,
  • Holding ipads, tablets and phones too close
  • Bumping into objects
  • Words jumping around when reading
  • Poor performance at school

If you are concerned about your child’s eyes, book now or call us on 0141 558 8076 for our Springburn practice or 0141 648 6757 for our Castlemilk practice to speak to a member of our team.