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Workplace Eyecare

At Adam Opticians we offer a range of services to protect people’s eyesight at work. All our eyewear is professionally fitted and tailored to individual needs to help meet health and safety requirements. 

We accept workplace vouchers to use against eye exams and prescription glasses. 

We can provide a workplace assessment where we examine your eyes to determine any weakness, check how well your visual system is coping and advise on your eye health. Eye dominance, co-ordination, tracking, eye muscle imbalances and visual processing are among many checks that can be corrected.

Common problems people at work can have include:

  • eye strain
  • sensitivity to glare or bright lights
  • poor concentration
  • headaches after time spent at your desk
  • gritty, tired or watery eyes
  • sore eyes
  • missing words or misreading texts
  • jumbling letters and numbers
  • clumsiness and poor hand eye co-ordination

Safety Eyewear

Prescription safety glasses are available for a suitable range of applications so workers can perform their jobs safely. With our safety eyewear conforming to British Standards and all products being CE marked we offer a range of options for prescription & non-prescription safety glasses.

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